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Solder Wire Stand

Regular Price: Rs 150.00

Special Price Rs 130.00

Solder Wire Dispenser. Size : 3.4" (86mm)W x 0.55" (14mm)H x 3.1" (78mm)D, Shaft diameter 0.6" (1.5mm). Learn More

ESD Bench Top Smoke Absorber

Rs 2,250.00
ESD Bench Top Smoke Absorber Learn More

Analog Soldering Station

Rs 3,600.00
Soldering Station Learn More

Magnifier With Clamp

Rs 2,350.00
Magnifier With Clamp Learn More

Face Mask (Pack of 100)

Rs 900.00
Face Mask (Pack of 100) - Disposable, 3ply with nose pin Learn More

Touch Separator Machine with Vacuum Pump

Regular Price: Rs 3,200.00

Special Price Rs 2,800.00

Touch Separator Machine Learn More

Soldering Bit - Flat

Rs 85.00
Soldering Bit - Flat Learn More

Soldering Bit - Pointed

Rs 85.00
Soldering Bit - Pointed Learn More

No Clean Flux

Rs 190.00
No Clean Flux Learn More

Iso-propyl Alcohol (IPA)

Rs 135.00
Iso-propyl Alcohol (IPA) Learn More

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B7000 Glue for Mobile Phone

Rs 60.00
B7000 Glue for Mobile Phone Learn More


11 Item(s)