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Magnifier With Base

Rs 2,350.00
Magnifier With Base Learn More

Suction Cup

Rs 35.00
Suction Cup Learn More

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Face Mask (Pack of 100)

Rs 900.00
Face Mask (Pack of 100) - Disposable, 3ply with nose pin Learn More

Magnifier With Clamp

Rs 2,350.00
Magnifier With Clamp Learn More

Double Sided Mobile Opener

Rs 45.00
Mobile Opener SRT - Double Sided Learn More

Suction Cup - Heavy

Rs 75.00
Suction Cup - Heavy Learn More

ESD Safe ScrewDriver

Rs 120.00
ESD Safe ScrewDriver Learn More

Digital Multimeter

Rs 650.00
Digital Multimeter Learn More

LCD Opening Plier

Rs 150.00
Plier Learn More

ESD Finger cots – 1440 pcs

Rs 625.00
Finger cots – 1440 pcs Learn More

Kapton Heat Resistant Tape - 10mm

Rs 105.00
Insulator tape(Yellow tape) Learn More

B7000 Glue for Mobile Phone

Rs 60.00
B7000 Glue for Mobile Phone Learn More

ESD Both Side Lining Gloves

Rs 25.00
ESD Both Side Lining Gloves Learn More

Plastic Tweezer

Rs 40.00
Plastic Tweezer Learn More

ESD Hood Cap - White

Rs 85.00
ESD Fabric Cap Learn More

Screw Driver - Baku

Rs 85.00
Bearing Seivel Cap,use convenient. High quality,can use long time. Handle material is stainless steel. Magnetic screwdriver,anti-skid. Learn More

Kapton Heat Resistant Tape - 5mm

Rs 70.00
Insulator tape(Yellow tape) Learn More

SRT Mobile Opener - Blue

Rs 8.00
SRT Mobile Opener Learn More

Tweezer Bent

Rs 60.00
Tweezer Bent Learn More

Screwdriver - 0.8mm(T5)

Rs 85.00
5 Star Pentalobe Screwdriver (0.8 mm) for Mobile Phones premium quality Helps in opening back cover to replace scratched or broken back panel or help in any task which required opening of bottom Learn More

Lint Free Wipes

Rs 5.00
Lint Free Cloth MicoFibre Premium Quality Wipes Size - 4" by 4" Learn More

Lava Tool Kit

Rs 500.00
Tool bag - 1 No. Anti magnetic Tweezer(ESD) - 1 Pc. SRT 93 - 1 Pc. SRT 6 - 1 Pc. Screw Driver (Baku) - 1 Pc. Screw Driver 0.8mm - 1 Pc. ESD safe wrist band - 1 Pc. ESD Brush (soft) Learn More

Finger cots – 100 pcs

Rs 60.00
Finger cots – 100 pcs Learn More

Hot Air Gun

Rs 1,350.00
Hot Air Gun Learn More

Buttons for mat (complete set)

Rs 4.00
Buttons for mat (complete set) Learn More

Shoe Cover - Disposable

Regular Price: Rs 4.00

Special Price Rs 3.00

Shoe Cover - Disposable Learn More

Cap - Disposable

Regular Price: Rs 3.00

Special Price Rs 2.00

Cap - Disposable Learn More

Antistatic Gloves

Rs 25.00
Available ESD Gloves - Dotted, Carbon, Nylon Learn More


28 Item(s)